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Cydonia Mars Unique Themis Vistas

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Cydonia Mars Unique themis Vistas
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cydonia region of mars cydonia region of mars cydonia sɪˈdoʊniə saɪˈdoʊniə is a region on the planet mars that has attracted both scientific and popular interest the name originally referred to the albedo feature distinctively coloured area that was visible from earthbound telescopes cydonia the face on mars mars express space science the data were gathered during orbit 3253 over the cydonia region with a ground resolution of approximately 13 7 metres per pixel cydonia lies at approximately 40 75° north and 350 54° east "these images of the cydonia region on mars are truly spectacular " said dr agustin chicarro esa mars express project scientist ufo ufology mars cydonia city on mars daniel tarr a review of the mars city of „cydonia” the cydonia plateau is home to the famous and controversial face on mars this mile long half mile wide and quarter mile the farsight institute according to remote viewing data collected at the farsight institute this documentary resolves the issue of the so called “face on mars ” we now know that this cydonia region of mars mars global surveyor acquired a high resolution 4 4 km x 41 5 km swath of the cydonia mense region of mars including the feature known as the "face on mars" located at approximately 40 8 n 9 6 w on 5 april 1998 the morning sun was 25 degrees above the horizon of mars at the time the image was taken mars cydonia information great dreams updated 4 12 07 mars cydonia information includes viking and surveyor photos and opinions nasa s polar lander note if a page doesn t e up on aol try it on unmasking the face on mars unmasking the face on mars "that s a lava dome that takes the form of an isolated mesa about the same height as the face on mars " cydonia is littered with mesas the cydonia region of mars explored explores claims made by "mars anomalists" that the cydonia region of mars the region with the "face on mars" was constructed designed or arranged by cydonia martian mystery region cydonia mensae lies in mars northern hemisphere on the ragged boundary between the cratered highlands of western arabia terra and the sprawling flat northern talk cydonia region of mars this is the talk page for discussing improvements to the cydonia region of mars article this is not a forum for general discussion of the article s subject

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